Chamber Orchestra concert

Orchestra Ensembles

String Orchestra CP- period 1:  This class is our entry level of Orchestra, open to all students without auditions.  The course focuses on technique, pitch and developing the skills needed for playing in an ensemble.  Coaches/specialists provide additional instrument-specific instruction in smaller groups.  This class is designed to build the skills students will need for Concert and Chamber Orchestra.

Concert Orchestra (Chamber H- intermediate) period 2:  An intermediate level, the Concert Orchestra develops students’ skills with the bow, used to create dynamics, attacks and releases, and a beautiful tone.  Students also learn multiple strategies for effective independent practice.   This Honors class requires solid fundamental skills, as well as some experience with shifting.  Audition required.

Chamber Orchestra (Chamber H- advanced) period 3: The advanced Chamber Orchestra class performs string and symphonic literature in its original form at the professional level.  Students experience music from all time periods and a variety of composers and styles, learning the specifics needed to perform each selection accurately and with understanding of the composer and period.  Solid shifting and vibrato required; private lessons highly recommended.  Audition required.

WHS Chamber and Concert Orchestra video auditions are due on Monday, April 8, 2024! 

  • Download the Submission instructions, Information sheet and the parts for your audition (Concert or Chamber). 
  • Please email Mrs. Blake at with any questions