Band Ensembles/ Groups

Concert Band Audition Results 2024/25

Class lists will be posted here after school on Friday, June 14th.

Concert Band

Concert Band is the introductory-level band at WHS for students new to playing their instrument. Concert Band will teach students how to read sheet music, how to practice, how to play their instrument, and how to play in an ensemble. Not offered in 2023.

Symphonic Band

Symphonic Band is the third-level band at Westlake High School for students with some experience on their instrument that are not quite ready for the challenge of Wind Ensemble and Wind Orchestra. In Symphonic Band, students continue to develop their ensemble skills including attacks, releases, blend and balance, tone, intonation, articulation, and dynamics. Symphonic Band prepares younger musicians for the challenge of Wind Ensemble and Wind Orchestra.
Watch the 2019 WHS Symphonic Band Spring Concert!

Wind Ensemble

Wind Ensemble is the second-level band at Westlake High School that prepares experienced musicians to a higher level of musicianship in high school and beyond. Students who excel in Wind Ensemble get the opportunity to play solos in class and in concerts. Wind Ensemble is known at WHS for its exceptional rehearsal etiquette.
Watch the 2018 Wind Ensemble Fall Concert!

Wind Orchestra

Wind Orchestra is the highest level band at Westlake High School. Wind Orchestra was created in 2019, and the top band before that was Wind Ensemble. Students in Wind Orchestra are challenged everyday with the most difficult and most rewarding music in wind band repertoire including marches, classical wind-band and symphony-orchestra pieces, and contemporary wind-band music. Wind Orchestra also perfects fundamental ensemble skills using the Balance and Harmony training used in Japanese Wind Ensembles.
Watch the 2018 Wind Orchestra (Top-Level Band) Winter Concert!