WHS Jazz Festival

Thank you for your interest in the 2024 WHS Jazz Festival! Below you will find the registration information. Please check back closer to the event date for the complete schedule and event details.

The 2024 Jazz Festival will take place on May 4, 2024 at Westlake High School.

Jazz Fest Schedule

Please click here to see a PDF of complete schedule.



Ensemble Check-in will be located in the cafeteria. Pick up your wristbands and purchase extra ones for spectators. The ratings board and completed adjudication forms are also located here.


All spectator parking will be in the main faculty lot and the student parking lot off of Via Merida (see map). Bus parking will be on Lakeview Canyon Road.


All equipment is high quality and will suit your groups well. We have a very tight schedule, and we are requiring you to use the gear provided. Most Warm Up rooms will have music stands, a drum set, a piano and amps.

All performance venues will have: 

  • Piano (acoustic or digital w/ amp)
  • 5-piece drum set (kick, floor tom, 2 mounted toms, & snare), 2 cymbal stands, and hi-hat stand w/clutch. 
  • Bass amp
  • Guitar amp
  • Vibraphone
  • 25 music stands in all performance
  • Plenty of solo mics


  • CYMBALS (including hi-hats)
  • EXTRA CYMBAL STANDS (please bring your own if you need more than 2
  • You may use your own bass drum pedal, snare, and high-hat stand if you like.

To make sure the event runs on time, we ask all groups to use the provided equipment, exceptions being snare drum and bass drum pedal. These are all very high-quality instruments and will suit your group well.


You will have 25 minutes to set up and perform. You must begin vacating the stage at the 25-minute mark and must be completely off the stage at the half-hour mark. This gives the stage crew time to set the stage for the next group, and gives our judges time to finalize commentary, written comments, breathe, etc. in between performances. Please program accordingly. Going overtime will result in a mandatory 100 point penalty from each judge (the score sheets are 1,000 point sheets). The adult volunteer running the venue will let you know if you are running overtime, and if you stop when they tell you time is up you will not be penalized.


Treat the performance like you would a concert at your school, as opposed to a concert band festival. You do not need to wait for the judges in between songs, and you do not need to provide conductor scores for the judges. Once your band is announced, you control the flow of the set. When you are ready to move on to the next song, please do so. The judges will most definitely be ready.


We will once again be doing all commentary digitally and comments will be emailed to you via Google Drive after the event. Your sheets will be available for pickup in the cafeteria 1 hour after your performance. Any sheets not picked up will be scanned and emailed with the judge commentary.


There will be no feedback clinics. All of our large rooms were booked for warmup and performance.


$10.00 will get you a wristband and program good for all venues all day. Wristbands can be purchased in front of each performance venue. (Theater, Library, & Mezzanine)




We will once again be having T-Shirts for sale. They will be sold in the cafeteria.


Director Hospitality will be located in the Staff Lounge. Grab a bite and relax with your colleagues.


Awards will be given for places 1st – 3rd (possibly more, depending on number of entries in division) in each division, and the judges will be recognizing outstanding soloists/musicians throughout the day, and certificates will be placed in your packets. AM awards will be given at the lunch break, and PM awards will be given at the conclusion of the festival.


Our theater only seats 315 and guests will be turned away at the door once capacity is reached. No arguing, please, and no “saving seats.” Theater seating preference will be given to students and directors while available. 

Please, ask your parents to give seating to students and directors. We will have a live audio and video feed in the Choir Room and in Hospitality for overflow viewing. Again, once the theater is at capacity, nobody, including students and directors, will be admitted. We too wish our theater was a bit bigger. Apologies in advance.