The Band Program depends on donations from parents! The Department kindly asks that all families donate a spirit pack matched to the student’s ensemble so that the program can continue to fund additional resources and staff. EVERY contribution helps our students and their experience in the program tremendously!

Note: All donations on this page are made through Paypal. You will not be asked to enter your payment info on this website. Save the Paypal receipt email because it may be used as a proof of transaction.

General Donations

Your tax deductible donation will help support the entire Westlake High Instrumental Music Program. The WHSIMB is a 501(c)(3) Charitable Nonprofit (EIN-95-3311075). Click here to make a general donation to the Westlake High Instrumental Music Program!

Spirit Pack Donations

The WHS Instrumental Music Boosters (WHSIMB) is thrilled to offer this comprehensive music program to every student, regardless of the family’s contribution. No student will be denied the opportunity to participate due to costs. WHSIMB incurs the expenses of assistant instructors, instruments, music, equipment rental, classroom daily needs and many other expenses not covered by CVUSD. To cover these expenses, we must rely on donations from devoted parents/boosters who share our vision. Your Spirit Pack donation directly benefits our kids and makes possible all of the exciting experiences in the WHS Instrumental Music Department.

Spirit Pack Donation Options:

Regiment (Marching Band/Color Guard) AND Concert Band:
Regiment uniform maintenance and replacement / Gloves / School instrument maintenance & repair / Staff & coaches (percussion, guard, visual & music) / Color Guard uniforms & flags / Props / Semi truck repair and maintenance / Contracted semi-truck driver / Show Registrations / Custom musical arrangements for winds, pit, battery and drill / 2023 Tour shirt / FUN for over 70 students!
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Band & Orchestra (Non-Regiment):
Associate conductor, Mr. Ray / Section coaches / Festival registration / Music / Clinicians / Guest conductors / Commissions / Theater manager / New Equipment / School instrument maintenance and repair / Department copier / and more.
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Jazz Band:
Jazz combo staff / Studio Jazz 2-day recording session / Clinicians / Section coaches / Festival registration / Lab Jazz II / Mr. Ray / Music / Commissions / Theater Manager / Transportation to festivals / School instrument maintenance and repair / Department copier / other.
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