Students perform at a band concert.

Concert Reports/Service Hours

Students of band and orchestra are required to complete 10 service hours per semester and 1 concert report per quarter, totalling 20 service hours and 4 concert reports per year.

Concert Reports and Service Hours make up a big part of your grade! Students in a jazz band as well as a concert ensemble are required to do 1 jazz concert and 1 classical/wind ensemble concert per year.

How to Do a Concert Report

Concert reports should be two pages and in MLA format. Concerts must be of the same level as the student or above(high school, college, professional). Discuss things about the performance such as tone, intonation, soloists, blend/balance, musicianship, instrumentation, venue, attire, and professionalism. Discuss things about the music such as the interpretation, dynamics, articulation, emotion, musical structure, rhythms, and melodies. Common concert report opportunities are:

How to Do Service Hours

Download the Band Service Hour Log Service Hours must contribute towards music education in some way. Common service hour opportunities are:

  • Mentoring a less experienced student in your instrument
  • Volunteering for VCHB
  • Creating posters for WHS Instrumental Music(ex: for foodtruck)
  • Playing in the pep band at football games(when not in Regiment)
  • Volunteering at the Food Truck Festival
  • Selling tickets for the Food Truck Festival