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We would love volunteers for as LITTLE or as MUCH time as you can spare.  Below is information about some of the volunteer opportunities:

Concert Hospitality/Bakes Sales:  This team helps setup and run the bake sales at the concerts which raises funds for the program. They could also help with any decor/hospitality items we have for some of the special concerts throughout the year.

Food Truck Fundraiser: (need 30+ volunteers) This is our biggest fundraiser of the year! Looking for volunteers to help organize vendors, set up and run the silent auction, get donations, manage the food trucks (handling permits and insurance), and much more!

Jazz Festival Fundraiser: (need 30+ volunteers) This is a great festival where we host local High School jazz bands at Westlake. This program helps fund the entire Instrumental Music department. Volunteers are needed for an array of fun things like setting up the event, parking, serving refreshments, BBQ pitmaster, logistics and the ever popular clean up! 

WHS Instrumental Music Merchandise Sales: (need 2-3 volunteers) A few times a year, we have a pop up online shop where we make WHSIM merch available for purchase. We need volunteers who can help initiate the online sale, coordinate with the vendor and help with distribution of the items after the sale as needed. Time commitment – Approximately 20 hours over the whole school year, less if we have a few people helping.

Band/Orchestra Concert Attire Team: (need 2-4 volunteers) This team helps manage the concert wear program. Including, but not limited to, purchasing, inventory management, distribution, cleaning, and storage of the tuxedos and concert dresses. Perks of the job… Great Instagram moment as you suddenly see your child dressed to “the nines”, telling them how incredible they look, and getting a smile in return. Time commitment – Most time is spent in the fall and spring, about 10 to 15 hours for a couple months and then much less during the rest of the year.

Regiment Chaperones: (need 5-10 volunteers depending on event) This team helps keep an eye on our kids on the buses when they travel to/from competitions and while they are at the competition site. Chaperone volunteers supervise students at all the Regiment activities, help keep them out of trouble and provide guidance during the competitions, help secure space at Home football games and help keep an eye on them during off site events. Perks of the job… Discovering that your child did listen to you when you told them to always say “please and thank you” and inserting yourself into your kids life without them feeling like your too involved. Time commitment – Self-directed, since they operate as a team, individual members can volunteer to operate in the events that fit their schedule.

Regiment Food Team: (need 5-7 volunteers for events and the majority of parents for food donations) This team keeps the whole road show fed and snacked during competitions, home games, and off sight events. Wave away that “Hangry” look in your child’s eye by preparing a component of the meal, helping to set up serving areas, serving the kids and you can even stay behind to help with clean up as your satisfied child boards the bus to the competition. Perks of the job… You’re always the most popular parent when you’re handing out the rice krispy treats! Time commitment – Since this is a team, individual members can volunteer to participate in the events that fit their schedule.

Regiment Truck Dads/Moms/Friends: (need 15-20 volunteers) Spend the day with your child and their friends as you help move equipment for football games and competitions. This team transports all the band equipment to games and competitions on the band trucks. This includes loading mornings before a competition/game, driving to and from competitions/games, unloading and loading at the competition/game, and unloading back at school after competitions/games. You might also get to do some light maintenance on equipment so the kids sound awesome and help build some cool props for the field shows. Perks of the job… Football Game & Comp Day treats and themed dinner adventures. Plus, you’ll make some great life long friends and probably get a hug or two from your child along the way. Time commitment – Self-directed, since they operate as a team, individual members can volunteer to participate in the events that fit their schedule.

Regiment Hydration Team: (need 4-6 volunteers) You’ll never guess what the hydration team does! That’s right, they have the very important job of keeping kids hydrated during the hot Summer and early Fall months. This team is responsible for bringing ice water and Gatorade to wherever the team is. They setup the coolers, fill with ice, water and Gatorade during football games, Saturday practices and competitions. They also make sure the kids are refilling their reusable water bottles. Perks of the job… seeing smiling, thankful faces of kids as they run up to the hydration table looking for refreshment. Time commitment – Self-directed, since they operate as a team, individual members can volunteer to participate in the events that fit their schedule.

Regiment Uniform Team: (need 5-10 volunteers) This team keeps the kids looking sharp while making some of the best Band friends in the world. Duties include: Keeping the uniform shed organized, issuing uniforms on game and comp days, assist in the annual “uniform day” (fitting session & assigning uniforms). Help out with alterations and repairs if you’ve got the skills. During Regiment season they assist in distributing uniform parts while solving last minute uniform problems. Perks of the job… Seeing your child look all grown up in their uniform, Watching them “crush it” during a performance, and saving the day when someone forgot their Shake-O. A job that seems thankless until you get a hug from your kid in front of everyone. Time commitment – Self-directed, since they operate as a team individual members can volunteer to participate in the events that fit their schedule.