All Ensembles

All students will be placed in an ensemble that suits their skill level in music, and all students will come out of their year in band a greater musician and a greater person than they were before. All students with the desire and resources to take professional private lessons are encouraged to do so, and students can find a private lessons teacher in the Private Lessons Contact Page. Playing music in a group setting encourages teamwork, develops the self-discipline to improve, and provides numerous mental benefits including increased academic performance, lower stress levels, and improved memory, just to name a few. All students are required to complete 2 concert reports per semester and donate 10 hours of service to music education.

Many previous WHS band concerts can be found on David Drabeck's Youtube Channel.

Westlake Regiment

Westlake Regiment is the marching band at Westlake High School, which is open to all students in the music program(including orchestra). Regiment is enjoyed by students due to the community effect of building a beautiful show in a large group, and the hard work of marching while playing pays off. Instructors have experience marching and teaching in DCI(Drum Corps International), including from the Blue Devils 2017 Victory Show. Members can join the Pit(front ensemble), Drumline, Horn Section, or Color Guard. Marching Band also counts as a source of PE Credit for 1 Semester, so marching all four years fills the PE Requirement. Marching band depends on parent volunteering, so visit the volunteering page for more info.

Learn more about Regiment Watch the 2019 Westlake Regiment SCSBOA Finals Performance - The Forbidden City

Concert Band

Concert Band is the introductory-level band at WHS for students new to playing their instrument. Concert Band will teach students how to read sheet music, how to practice, and how to play in an ensemble. In Concert Band, much of the focus is on instrument fundamentals, but students also learn skill-appropriate music to play in Westlake High School's band concerts.

Symphonic Band

Symphonic Band is the third-level band at Westlake High School for students with some experience on their instrument that are not quite ready for the challenge of Wind Ensemble and Wind Orchestra. In Symphonic Band, students continue to develop their ensemble skills including attacks, releases, blend and balance, tone, intonation, articulation, and dynamics. Symphonic Band prepares younger musicians for the challenge of Wind Ensemble and Wind Orchestra.

Watch the 2019 WHS Symphonic Band Spring Concert!

Wind Ensemble

Wind Ensemble is the second-level band at Westlake High School that prepares experienced musicians to a higher level of musicianship in high school and beyond. Students who excel in Wind Ensemble get the oppurtunity to play solos in class and in concerts. Wind Ensemble is known at WHS for its exceptional rehearsal etiquette.

Watch the 2018 Wind Ensemble Fall Concert!

Wind Orchestra

Wind Orchestra is the highest level band at Westlake High School. Wind Orchestra was created in 2019, and the top band before that was Wind Ensemble. Students in Wind Orchestra are challenged everyday with the most difficult and most rewarding music in wind band repertoire including marches, classical wind-band and symphony-orchestra pieces, and contemporary wind-band music. Wind Orchestra also perfects fundamental ensemble skills using the Balance and Harmony training used in Japanese Wind Ensembles.

Watch the 2018 Wind Ensemble(Top-Level Band) Winter Concert!

Studio Jazz Ensemble

Studio Jazz Ensemble is the premier jazz band at Westlake High School. Studio went to the Midwest Clinic in 2012 and 2017, with guest-stars such as Matt Harris, Victor Goines, and John Daversa. Studio also recorded professional jazz albums in 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, and 2018. Studio has had many original songs commissioned for it from artists such as Gordon Goodwin, Matt Harris, Mike Kamuf, Victor Goines, Chris P. Bacon, Matt Finders, John Daversa, Craig Skeffington, and George Stone. For a more detailed list of Studio's accomplishments, check out Studio's History and Concerts.

Watch the 2019 Studio Jazz Ensemble Food Truck Festival Concert!

Lab Jazz Ensemble

Lab Jazz Ensemble is the second-level jazz band at Westlake High School. Lab teaches new musicians the language of jazz and how to improvise. While many members of Lab have already played in a jazz band, anyone can learn a jazz instrument and join Lab! Rehearsals are after school on Fridays until regiment season ends, and then rehearsals are three times a week.

Watch the 2019 Lab Jazz NPHS Concert!

Jazz 3

Jazz 3 is meant for students to get introduced to jazz and to learn a new instrument for jazz. No prior jazz experience is needed, and members of upper jazz bands are welcome to join and learn a new instrument. Jazz 3 is a stepping stone for Studio and Lab Jazz. Jazz 3 starts in the second semester.

Color Guard

Directed by Rob Guzman

The color guard is the flag and dance section of Regiment Marching Band. They are the color, flair and visual interpretation of the show. Students learn how to spin flags, wooden rifles, sabers and other props. In addition, extensive movement training is provided to all guard members by our instructional staff. No previous experience is necessary. It is highly recommended that students take dance classes to improve individual skill throughout the summer and school year. Students are required to attend Regiment Band Camp I / II / III and additional Color Guard training dates over the summer.

Winter Guard

Directed by Rob Guzman

In December, the Color Guard members of the fall Regiment separate and become their own performing ensemble called "Winter Guard." This ensemble performs custom choreograph in competitions to professionally edited pre-recorded music in school gymnasiums around southern California. The Winter Guard participates in the WGASC and WGI circuits. The average show is 4-5 minutes in length. Custom uniforms, flags, equipment, and a painted floor help to convey the theme and "concept" of the show. The Winter Guard competes 6-8 times each winter/spring season with Championships being held in mid-April.

Winter Drumline

Directed by Phil Idell

The Winter Drumline is a competitive percussion ensemble comprised of instruments traditionally used during Marching Band seasons. This is NOT an extension of the Marching Band, and is a separate ensemble for the Spring. The group is open to all students with basic musical ability to advanced percussion skills. InstrumentationThe Winter Drumline includes marching snares, tenors, basses, and cymbals, marimbas, vibes, xylo, piano (synths), electric guitar, electric bass, all auxiliary percussion, latin percussion, drum set, samplers, and electric triggers. Auditions & RehearsalsThis ensemble holds auditions in early December, and begins rehearsals shortly after. Rehearsals are held after school, three days a week, and taught by the Winter Drumline coaching staff. Students can Register for 8th period Winter Marching Band and receive PE credit for this ensemble. Competitions:The group attends five (5) comps, plus Championships, on Saturdays starting in mid-February and ending in early April. Comps are held in high school gyms across Southern California. Each show lasts from 4-6 minutes in length. Drumline shows are custom designed by the WDL staff. Design elements include; custom thematic costumes, custom painted floor, backdrops, original/arranged music, backdrops, show specific “samples” and drill (formations.) UniformsEach WDL member will be measured and fitted with a custom uniform in early January. These uniforms are show specific and are designed with color, materials, texture and visual structure to go with and enhance the show theme.

Watch the 2016 Winter Drumline Show!