For videos of past Studio Jazz concerts, check out David Drabeck's Youtube Channel.

Recorded Studio Albums

2008 - Hit the Ground Running
2010 - Logistics
2012 - Necessary
2014 - Studio: Unfiltered
2016 - Analogies
2018 - True Confessions

Live Albums

Songs Commissioned for Studio

Jeff Jarvis - Los Galanas

Gordon Goodwin - Hit the Ground Running

Matt Harris - Dos Mucho!

Matt Finders - Lago De Oeste

Matt Harris - Stick & Stones

Gordon Goodwin - These Flutes Were Made for Walkin'

Matt Harris - Caribe

George Stone - What is This Thing Called Love?

Alan Ferber - jigsaw

Gordon Goodwin - G-Rated

Craig Skeffington - Sometimes You Never Know...

Mike Kamuf - EniGma

Mike Kamuf - Message from Westlake

Tom Kubis - What? Nothing...

Victor Goines - Westlake

John Daversa - Barracuda Fantasy

Vince Oliver - Press Play

Scott Director - Quatre Fantasie

Patrick Burns - Seize the Day

Gordon Goodwin - Absoludicrous

Matt McBane - Incline

Notable Concerts

Carnegie Hall - 2008

CBDA Convention - 2010, 2017

The Midwest Clinic - 2012, 2017

Next Generation Monterey Jazz Festival - 2014, 2015, 2016

Jazz Education Network National Convention - 2015

CASMEC Convention - 2011, 2017

Mission Gig - Annually since 2014

In Person Jazz Concert in the Ampitheater - June 2021

Guest Clinicians and Guest Artists

Brian Scanlon, Kevin Garren, Clay Jenkins, Greg Bissonette, Jim Walker, Matt Harris, James Rocillo, Joe Gransden, Alan Ferber, John Daversa, Wayne Bergeron, Mike Kamuf, Craig Skeffington, Victor Goines, Brian Kilgore, Alex Iles, Gary Pratt, Ed Smith, Mitch Holder, The Big Bad VooDoo Daddy, Matt Finders, George Stone, Jeff Jarvis, Jeff Tower, Greg Bissonette, Jim Mooy, Jim Snidero, Simon Rowe