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Instrumental Music Council / Regiment Student Leadership / Orchestra Student Council


Here is the '17-'18 IMC / OSC / RSL:


IMC Instrumental Music Council (IMC)

The IMC is a service-oriented group of enthusiastic students who have been selected to accept additional responsibilities in the department. The IMC meets on Tuesdays at lunch. Meeting topics include concert preparation, fundraising, PR, concert programs, assisting at the local middle schools, and much more! Meetings are lead by the IMC president.

Being selected to be part of the IMC is not an easy process. To be considered, all students must submit the following materials in a professional packet:

  • Professional Resume – listing way they are qualified
  • Two letters of recommendation – one from a peer, one from a non-related adult
  • Essay – topic of the director’s choosing
  • 20 short answer questions
  • Self evaluation
  • Interview with a panel of directors, students, boosters, teachers & community members

IMC positions include:

    • President                     
    • VP of Fundraising        
    • VP of Production        
    • VP of Recruiting         
    • Treasurer                    
    • Secretary                     
    • Historian
    • Librarian         
    • Public Relations
    • Uniform Manager
    • Brass Equipment Manager
    • Woodwind Equipment Manager
    • Percussion Equipment Manager

These student positions are designed to assist the directors, plan activities for the Westlake IMD, promote the WHSIMD, organize the end of the Regiment & end of year banquet and interface with the Music Boosters. All students in the WHSIMD are welcome to apply for any position. Interviews are held at the end of the school year.

Members who are selected attend our SASI Leadership workshop hosted by WHS alumni and former drum Major, Kevin Thompson.


This is the application packet:      

2020 IMC & RSL Application Packet

Due - TBA in April, 2020

4:00 pm, WHS Band Room


Packet Materials Must Include:

I. Position Selection Form:

II. Resume:

III. Two Letters of Recommendation (in total):

IV. Essay:

V. Short Answer Questions:

VI. Self Evaluation Sheet:


SUBMIT eight (8) COPIES of this packet to Mr. Peter by 4:00 pm on Tuesday, April 26th. Late materials will NOT be accepted.


Participate in an interview on Saturday, April 30th

* Drum Majors conduct in 4/4, 3/4 & 2/4 time signatures at 80 and 170 b/m:


Qualities we are looking for…

- An interest in teaching

- Attentive during rehearsal

- Punctual attendance at ALL rehearsals and performances


- Be able to play all music & march at high levels

- Outgoing personality and leadership intuition

- Eagerness to learn how to become a better & more effective leader

- Ability to distinguish on and off the field relationships with peers

- Understanding that these positions are service oriented and require extra time and effort

- Not afraid to speak up when things go awry

- Communicates with the director, staff, and members of his or her section

- Has a good reputation with and respect of the directors, staff and students

-Passion for the WHS program

-Academic strength



I. Position Selection Form          Name_________________


Please select and rank up to four positions for which you are interviewing:

Instrumental Music Council (IMC):

____    President

____    Vice President

____    Treasurer

____    Secretary

____    Historian

____    Librarian

____    Uniform Manager

____    Public Relations

____    Brass & Woodwind Equipment Manager

____    Percussion Equipment Manager

Regiment Student Leadership (RSL) – Regiment Season only:

____    Senior Drum Major

____    Sophomore / Junior Drum Major

____    Horn Sergeant

____    Flute Section Leader

____    Clarinet Section Leader

____    Alto Sax Section Leader

____    Tenor Sax Section Leader

____    Trumpet Section Leader

____    Mellophone Section Leader

____    Low Brass Section Leader

____    Tuba Section Leader

____    Battery Section Leader

____    Pit Section Leader

____    Color Guard Section Leader


II. Resume

  1. 1-2 pages listing the skills that qualify you for the position(s)
  2. Develop a professional look and use proper editing and grammar


III. Two Letters of Recommendation

  1. One letter written by a peer
  2. The second written by someone over 25 years old that is not related
  3. Letters must not exceed one page in length
  4. Letters should describe why you are a strong candidate for the position(s)
  5. Letters must be sealed in an envelope and signed by the author.

  - Each author will give you TWO sealed envelopes containing one letter each.


IV. Essay Topic

First, select someone over 60 you admire. In detail, discuss what they feel are the strongest attributes of leadership needed today & for the future. How did their views of leadership change over their lifetime? Who were their leadership mentors and why? Ask as many additional questions on leadership & character that you can think of. Now, write an essay on this experience discussing how your view of leadership has now changed through this exercise and what you plan to incorporate if selected for your desired position. Share your favorite response to a question you asked.

  • Write an essay of any length that adequately covers the topic
  • Grammar and punctuation will be taken into consideration


V. Short Answer Questions

  1. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
  1. List your most significant contributions to the WHSIMD this past year.
  1. What elements of this position will you find most difficult, the least difficult?
  1. How will you make improvements to this position if selected?
  1. Beside yourself, who would you recommend for this position and why?
  1. What will you do for the WHSIMD that nobody else can?
  1. What is your most memorable experience in music?
  1. Describe what you enjoy most and least about the ensembles you participated in this year.
  1. List five words that a first time acquaintance would use to describe you after talking with you.
  1. What is the difference between a manager and a leader?
  1. Are you more effective in a group or one on one basis, why?
  1. What sort of leader/member would your section say you were this year?
  1. How will you measure your success as a leader?
  1. How do you organize your 1440?
  1. Could you use the Pareto Principal apply in your position? Why?


VI. Self Evaluation

  1. Using a scale of 1 to 5, please rate yourself in the following areas:

                  5 – “Strongly agree”

                  4 – “Agree”    

                  3 – “Neutral”

                  2 – “Disagree”

                  1 – “Strongly disagree”


  • Position Knowledge
  1. Understands duties and responsibilities _______.
  2. Has necessary position knowledge _______.
  3. Understands and adheres to WHSIMD goals and values _______.
  • Communication
  1. Communicates well with peers and staff _______.
  2. Exhibits an open mind when hearing other people’s opinions _______.
  3. Shares information and ideas with others _______.
  4. Has good listening skills _______.
  • Accountability
  1. Meets commitments _______.
  2. Works independently _______.
  3. Accepts accountability _______.
  4. Handles change _______.
  5. Sets personal standard _______.
  6. Stays focused under pressure _______.
  7. Meets attendance/punctually requirements _______.
  • Interpersonal skills
  1. Has good listening skills _______.
  2. Builds strong relationships _______.
  3. Is flexible/open-minded _______.
  4. Negotiates effectively _______.
  5. Solicits performance feedback _______.
  6. Handles constructive criticism _______.
  • Innovation
  1. Generates new ideas _______.
  2. Challenges the status quo _______.
  3. Takes risks, supports change _______.
  4. Encourages innovation _______.
  5. Solves problems creatively _______.
  • Initiative / Drive
  1. Tackles problems _______.
  2. Takes independent action _______.
  3. Seeks out new responsibilities _______.
  4. Acts on opportunities _______.
  5. Generates new ideas _______.
  • Planning
  1. Develops realistic plans _______.
  2. Sets goals, aligns plans with WHSIMD goals _______.
  3. Manages resources _______.
  4. Creates contingency plans _______.
  5. Coordinates/cooperates with others _______.
  • Problem Solving
  1. Anticipates and prevents problems _______.
  2. Overcomes obstacles _______.
  3. Generates alternative solutions _______.
  4. Helps solve team problems _______.
  • Productivity
  1. Manages a fair workload _______.
  2. Volunteers for additional work _______.
  3. Prioritizes tasks _______.
  4. Develops good work procedures _______.
  5. Manages time well _______.
  • Quality
  1. Is attentive to detail and accuracy _______.
  2. Is committed to excellence _______.
  3. Looks for improvements continuously _______.
  4. Monitors quality levels _______.
  5. Finds root cause of quality problems _______.
  6. Owns/acts on quality problems _______.
  • Teamwork
  1. Works well in groups _______.
  2. Helps resolve conflict _______.
  3. Facilitates meetings _______.
  4. Works well with other groups _______.
  5. Is flexible and open-minded _______?
  6. Focuses team on strategies and goals _______.


VII. Interview

  1. Participate in an interview conducted by Mr. Peter, Mr. Gangemi and “guests”
  2. Be prepared to answer questions about anything pertaining to the position
  3. Dress professionally!


Description of Positions:

IMC President

  • Leads weekly meetings, addressing important issues, and organizing tasks, while keeping the group quiet and focused
  • Communicates with directors, boosters, and during regiment, the drum majors
  • Delegate tasks to various IMC members, and monitors their completion
  • Represents the WHS IMD well in the community
  • Organizes events such as future warrior night, bake sales at concerts, Regiment banquet, band talent show and the year-end banquet.
  • Represents IMC at booster meetings
  • Attends fundraising meetings along with the Fundraising Vice President
  • Willing to do anything and everything in their power to help the WHSIMD program and students reach their fullest potential


IMC Vice-President - Production

  • Helps organize and manage logistics of WHSIMD productions like; concerts, banquets, clinics, “clean-up days” etc.
  • Helps IMC members with organization and production with anything they need
  • Runs weekly meetings in the president’s absence
  • Willingness to help other IMC members with miscellaneous tasks
  • Observes the president and gains an understanding of how to run meetings effectively.
  • Assists in organizing Year-end banquet
  • Sets a good example for IMC and the rest of the department


IMC Vice-President – Fundraising

  • Works closely with the booster VP of fundraising to organize, promote and encourage IMD students and parents to participate in fundraising ventures.
  • Brainstorm new fundraising activities that students can participate in to offset program expenses.
  • Helps to organize and run fundraising events
  • Willingness to help other IMC members with miscellaneous tasks
  • Assists in organizing the year-end banquet
  • Sets a good example for IMC and the rest of the department


IMC Vice-President – Recruiting

  • Communicates with 8th grade students about the WHSIMD
  • Sets up recruiting events at local middle and elementary schools
  • Communicates with middle school teachers regarding, future warrior night, middle school band night, new parent meetings, recruiting performances, etc
  • Finds volunteers for events and fundraisers when it is necessary
  • Willingness to help other IMC members with miscellaneous tasks
  • Assists in organizing year-end banquet
  • Sets a good example for IMC and the rest of the department


IMC Treasurer

  • Tracks account balance and transactions of the IMC
  • Prepare a written budget and weekly reports
  • Helps organize IMC fundraisers to raise money for various needs


IMC Secretary

  • Take minutes of the IMC meetings, and make two copies, one for our records and one for ASG. Turn the original in to the activities coordinator in the office
  • Update the WHSIMD calendar weekly and keep the whiteboard announcements clear and concise
  • Record any brainstorming that occurs at the meetings


IMC Historian

  • Take pictures and all of the department events including and not limited to: orchestra events, band camp, band concerts, jazz concert, festivals, competitions, etc…

      These pictures must represent everyone, not just a few groups of friends

  • Give all the pictures to Mr. Gangemi
  • Create the Regiment banquet slide shows describing: band camp, rehearsals, competitions, and seniors
  • Create the end of year banquet slideshow.       Slide shows must include Band Senior tributes, Orchestra Senior tributes. The senior tributes have included for each senior: baby picture, middle school picture, senior picture, and slide showing instruments, quotes, college, etc.
  • Create the end of year slide show including students in the jazz band, jazz combo, winter guard, winter drumline, concert bands and orchestras.


IMC Librarians

  • Catalog and file new/old concert, jazz and orchestra music
  • Organize music that is being played by keeping folders and extra parts in a designated place
  • Copy music before passing out, as needed
  • Prepare all pep band music, copy drill, copy new Regiment music
  • Keep the library accessible by removing all non-library materials on a regular basis
  • Keep the master excel spread sheet updated as new music is filed.


IMC Uniform Manager

  • Communicate with the uniform parents about what they need accomplished, and to alert them of concerns
  • Keep the uniform shed clean and organized
  • On competition days, move unclaimed shakos and uniform bags to and from the semi
  • Have extra shoes, socks, hair ties, etc. available for use
  • Assist parents with fitting uniforms during band camp
  • Teach new members and remind old ones how to care for uniforms
  • Inspect uniforms while they are being worn before a performance
  • Alert band to changes in uniform-related things, such as when cleanings will occur
  • Distribute blue polos, concert dresses and any other purchased materials to students in a timely manner.


IMC Public Relations

  • Create programs for concerts, posters, and other printed items as requested by the directors and IMC president.
  • Contact local newspapers about up-coming WHSIMD events
  • Hang posters around the school to advertise our events
  • Write and turn in announcements to be read and placed on the marquis regarding WHS comps, concerts and other events


IMC Brass & Woodwind Equipment Manager

  • Takes inventory of instruments at the end of the school year, noting which ones need repairs
  • Issues marching instruments for band camp (check with section leaders)
  • Maintains and makes minor repairs to instruments
  • Manages checked out school instruments and forms
  • Assist with loading of marching instruments onto the semi during Regiment
  • Must have knowledge of minor repairs


IMC Percussion Equipment Manager

  • Inspect percussion equipment for problems and needed repair on a regular basis
  • Organize “loading/unloading” of storage containers
  • Coordinate loading percussion equipment with truck dads into the semi
  • Work with Directors and drum captains to organize who moves what instruments
  • Keep the drums room and percussion section organized


IMC Ensemble Representative

  • Reviews upcoming events and the class calendar
  • Takes class attendance, and gives to the band directors
  • Attend IMC meetings and actively communicate upcoming events to ensembles with enthusiasm!
  • Report anything the class needs to the IMC
  • SET A GOOD EXAMPLE! This includes being punctual and courteous!


RSL Drum Majors

  • Call band to attention at the beginning of rehearsals, starting them on time and making any necessary announcements
  • Highly encouraged to attend Dave Kuhns’ California Leadership Academy
  • Remind RSL of their jobs, encouraging them to do these jobs well
  • Oversees and is responsible for the following items to be brought to the field: first aid kit, metronomes and batteries, all cords in working order, wireless system and its batteries, 3 long ranger speakers, and microphone for director
  • Lead band down to the field for rehearsals
  • Monitor band behavior and moral during rehearsals and at competitions
  • Set a positive example for both the band members and RSL
  • Make sure that EVERYONE in the band feels welcome and comfortable
  • Communicate with directors and the IMC president to accomplish anything that is requested
  • Conduct band on the field, and lead rehearsals/sectionals, when needed


RSL Regiment Horn Sergeant

  • Oversee the completion of Regiment section leader responsibilities
  • Offer leadership advise to section leaders when necessary
  • Help section leaders with younger members who may need extra encouragement or guidance.
  • Communicate with the DM, staff & directors about any issues in the sections.
  • Lead the Regiment to the back stands, maintain member discipline & professionalism during awards ceremonies at shows.


RSL Section Leader

  • Set a positive example for the section.       This includes playing the regiment music to the highest standards, memorizing your music, being on time, and treating everyone in the section with respect.
  • Be responsible for anything the section might need: sunscreen, valve oil, extra music, reeds, water, etc.
  • Make sure everyone in the section feels welcome and enjoys the Regiment experience.
  • Observe the section’s techniques in marching and playing and offer positive and helpful suggestions
  • Inspect uniforms and instruments on competition days.
  • Lead stretches at the start of each rehearsal
  • Lead sectionals that help everyone play and memorize the music.
  • Assist the drum majors and band directors in keeping your section quiet during rehearsals
  • Create a sense of family in your section!

Trumpet Section leader in charge of bringing field markers to and from the field

Drum captain is the section leader for all percussion and assigns jobs related to the floor during second semester

Pit Section leader is responsible for assigning jobs for transporting instruments, including designating, which goes to the shed and which to the band room


RSL Color Guard Captain

  • Help the guard learn drill and choreography
  • Abolish negative attitudes/comments within the guard
  • Maintain healthy relationships with other members and staff
  • Manage equipment such as the stereo, floor, flags, poles, riffles, sabers, etc.
  • On competition days, inspect bags for all equipment as well as make-up and other uniform-related items
  • Set a positive example by keeping an open mind and a good attitude

Misc. Regiment Tasks

  • Both podiums must be brought down to the fields for rehearsals (moved while band goes down to the field) and to the semi for competitions. Four people are a good number for this job.
  • Water containers (including cooler and jugs) must be brought down to the field during stretching on the trailer that is attached to the golf cart and returned to the band room at the end of rehearsals
  • “Gack crew” (about 5 people) goes down to the field before rehearsals (or during stretching) and repaint/re-measure the marks on the field, or put tape out, if the band is in the stadium.