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Wind Ensemble (H)

Period 4

This is our advanced second auditioned wind group. Advanced players who are nearly ready for Wind Orchestra are selected for this ensemble from auditions held in late May. This ensemble rehearses and performs class “A” and “AA” wind band literature. This ensemble meets once a day during the school year. The Wind Ensemble performs at the fall, winter, and spring concerts, the all-district band concert and SCSBOA festivals. Private lessons are strongly encouraged.


Fun Fact:
10 students in this ensemble were 2016 Valedictorians with a 4.65 Index GPA or higher!


Guest Conductors:
John Carnahan - CSULB
Johan De Meij - Composer
Jim Benkert - WHS Head Varsity Football


Guest Clinicians:
Dr. Frank Ticheli - USC
Dr. Mallory Thompson - Northwestern
Gordon Goodwin - Composer/Big Band Leader
Dr. Larry Stoffel - CSUN
Dr. Thomas Lee - UCLA
Dr. Andy Collinsworth - Sanoma State
Sean O'Loughlin - Composer
Patrick Burns - Montclair State University
Stephen Piazza - LA Winds
Dr. Gary Gilroy - Fresno State
Tom Cole - Rancho Bernardo High School (Ret)
Michael Doty - Gold Coast Wind Ensemble
Clinton H. Dawley - Gold Coast Wind Ensemble


Guest Artists:
Sam Pilafian - Tuba - ASU
Blair Bollinger - Bass Trombone - Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra


Performances of Note:
California Band Director's Association All-State Convention - 2005
Walt Disney Concert Hall - 2008
Carnegie Hall - 2008
California Band Director's Association All-State Convention - 2009


Quatre Fantasie - Scott Director
Seize the Day - Patrick Burns


2019-2020 Wind Ensemble 


  • Christina Baikalov
  • Dylan Hall
  • Alyssa Joo
  • Sanya Khattar
  • Shize (Paul) Li
  • Rachel Xu
  • Neha Ramasastry


  • Benjamin Tang
  • Alicia Proffitt


  • Kyle Abes
  • Kyle Ashamallah
  • Marie Connely
  • Sean Jung
  • Andrew Luo
  • Nisha Prahsittipab
  • Juliette Regier

Bass Clarinet

  • James Geriege
  • Sebastien Harrison


  • Evan Brent
  • Randy Xu

Alto Saxophone

  • Logan Ashamallah
  • Logan Flanagan

Tenor Saxophone

  • Sameer Patel
  • Adam Zilberman

Baritone Saxophone

  • Mackram Hassanieh

French Horn

  • Josh Moore
  • Michael Rittmaster
  • Emma Victor


  • Vincent Cimino
  • Ian Brucell
  • Julian Frillici
  • Ariana Quintana
  • Chris Wedgworth


  • Garrett Caruso
  • Jessica Farfan
  • Brendan Faulkner
  • Sam Montalvo
  • Peeshro Baf


  • Anya Singh


  • Matt Zilberman
  • Peyton Bursin


  • Joshua Wood
  • Reed Goldman
  • Ayush Gupta
  • Daniela Franco