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Fun Fact:

Each year, 2-6 members of the Valedictorian senior class, with a 4.65 Index GPA or higher, are Regiment Members!! They are usually 4-year Regiment members too!

The Regiment Marching Band does NOT take "too much time." In reality, our students discover time management and balance their classes and rehearsal schedule well.



The Regiment Marching is the BEST social conduit for incoming students to WHS. After band camp, and the season, all freshmen will:

    • Know the campus well!
    • Have friends in every class on the first day of school.
    • Have friends in EVERY grade, including upper classmen!
    • Have academic mentors who can help with homework.
    • Have section leaders who are great role models for character and professionalism.
    • Be part of the LARGEST and most visible spirit organization on campus.
    • Do things they never thought they could.
    • Work hard AND have FUN!!!
    • Performing in front of thousands!
    • Travel the state and HAVE A BLAST!!!

2021 Regiment General Info:

  • The Westlake Regiment Marching Band is open to anyone who wishes to participate.
  • Regiment membership is NOT a requirement to participate in the Westlake High School Instrumental Music Department.
  • Required: members must enroll in a concert ensemble, in addition to the 8th period Regiment Marching Band Class.
  • Students are required to attend Band Camp 
  • All Regiment members earn PE Credit.  Four years of Regiment membership fulfill the WHS PE requirements.
  • The competitive 2021 Regiment season concludes November 20, 2021.
  • The Regiment has a design and instructional staff of over 15 highly experienced staff members.
  • Class grades are based on positive and active participation at rehearsals, competitions and home football games.
  • Regiment equipment, uniforms and props are transported in the WHS Band 18-wheel, 53', half-drop semi truck.  (truck dads are welcome to join)
  • Regiment membership provides the best and easiest transition into high school for incoming 9th grade students.
  • RSL (Regiment Student Leaders) go through a rigorous audition process that include submission of a resume, letters of rec, 20 short answer questions, a self-evaluation, in addition to an interview in front of a panel of directors, staff, faculty, boosters, current student leaders and community members.

2021 Regiment Schedule:

Please see the Online Calendar for all performances and practices.

Weekly Rehearsals (subject to revision...please see Calendar):

  • Mondays / 5:00 – 8:30 pm / (Color Guard - Stadium)
  • Mondays / 6:00 – 8:45 pm / (Pit / Drumline ONLY - Stadium)
  • Tuesdays / 3:05 – 6:00 pm / (Brass and Woodwind ONLY - Baseball field)
  • Wednesdays / 5:45 – 9:00 pm / (Full Ensemble - Stadium)
  • Thursdays / 3:05 – 6:00 pm / (Full Ensemble - Baseball field)

Previous themes have included:

Performances / Field Shows Competitions:

After school rehearsals culminate in the 2021 Regiment field show. The show lasts approximately eight minutes and is performed in the stadium during all home football games. The Regiment also performs on Saturdays at field show competitions at high schools stadiums across Southern California. These comps can last from early morning to late evening. Parent Chaperones & volunteers are always needed to travel with and support the students at the competitions



All students are transported by school bus to and from performance that are held off campus. If personal transportation is required, parents must fill out a private vehicle transportation form. These are located in the “Forms, Documents & Itineraries” section. Itineraries are posted on the band website prior to all off campus competitions approximately 10 days prior to a competition.

Home Football Games:

All Regiment students are required to attend all home football games and participate in the half-time performance. In addition, the Regiment will play “pep songs” throughout the game to boost “Warrior Spirit & Pride” to get the team and crowd “FIRED UP!”

Away Football Games:

Regiment students may travel to away football games to play “Pep Songs” throughout an away game. AWAY games are NOT mandatory. A school bus(es) will transport Regiment members to all away games.

Drop off and Pick up:

Students should be picked by in the upper faculty parking lot, by the band room. Please note, students are dismissed from the rehearsal field at 6:00pm or 9:00 pm. It will take extra time for students to put away instruments and arrive in the parking lot for pick up. Please, make adjustments to your arrival schedule. Please also park on the street or in a parking spot, NEVER IN A RED ZONE.

Finally: Early is “On time,” “On time is late” & “Late is Unacceptable.”


Each student will be measured for a Regiment uniform during Band Camp III.

  • Bibbers (like ski pants)
  • Jacket
  • Shako & Plume (hat & feather, pit members exempt)
  • Gloves (brass & woodwinds only)
  • Tour shirt (to keep)
We ask each student to purchase a pair of marching shoes, unless you have a black pair of “Drill Masters” from middle school or an older sibling. Used marching shoes wills be proved to any student in need. Students are issued uniform bags to store all uniform parts during the Regiment season. This bag is kept at school in the “Tuff Shed.”
Section Leaders:

Each section of the band has a Section Leader (student leader), which are members of the RSL. If students have questions regarding music, marching, competitions, school, itineraries, etc., they should check with their section leaders first. Sections Leaders are there to help their sections.


During Regiment season, all five concert band classes will have a study hall once a week to allow “class time” to be used for homework. This study hall is a privilege, not a right. If study hall becomes a time to do "other things," besides studying, it will go away, without notice. Prior to Regiment practice, some students may have an unscheduled 7th period or study hall. Students are highly encouraged to use this time to do homework.

Regiment Pictures:

Professional pictures will be taken of the Regiment after school on October 4. Pictures include individual shots (with instruments), section shots, “buddy shots” (optional) and a group shot of Regiment. These pictures can be purchased from the Photographer. Please contact the photo company directly with all questions.