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Lab Jazz Ensemble 2018/2019


This audition only ensemble is for the intermediate/advanced jazz musician. This ensemble continues the study of jazz literature and improvisation of the intermediate to advanced level. Lab Jazz performs in festivals and concerts outside of Thousand Oaks. Saxophonists are expected to double on flute and clarinet. Concurrent enrollment in band is required for wind and percussion players, orchestra is required for bassists - special exceptions for piano and guitar players. A tuner and metronome are required. Students will register for 2nd semester 8th period Jazz Band and receive 5 units of UC approved fine arts credit for the semester. Auditions for Lab Jazz are held in late May. Rehearsals start after school in September, one day a week from 3:00 - 4:30, and then expand to three days a week in December. Private instruction is strongly encouraged.

Lab Jazz Ensemble II performs annually at the Winter Concert, Newbury Park Jazz festival, Spring Concert, WHS Jazz festival, & the West Ranch Jazz festival.



  • Christina Baikalov - Lead Alto
  • Dinuk Minikka-Baduge - Alto
  • Adam Zilberman - Lead Tenor
  • Logan Flanagan - Tenor
  • Brandon Liu - Tenor
  • Mackram Hassanieh - Baritone


  • Stephen Yang- Lead
  • Brendan Faulkner
  • Sam Montalvo
  • Cooper Lunenfeld, Bass


  • Jackson Bacon - Split Lead
  • Warren Caldwell - Split Lead
  • Ian Brucell
  • Julian Frillici
  • Ariana Quintana


  • Will Zepeda - Piano
  • Isabella Abramyan - Bass
  • Clayton Trent - Bass
  • Jake Johanson - Drums