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Concert Band Period 2

The Concert Band is open to anyone who wishes to join - no audition is necessary. This ensemble meets 2nd period, Mon - Fri. The Concert Band participates in the Winter and Spring concerts and district SCSBOA festivals. Concert Band performs grade "1" to "2.5" level literature. The Concert Band is used as a stepping stone to the upper ensembles. All students re-audition for ensembles each year.


Fall 2017 Concert Band (Alpha)


  • Azmire Castadena-Barajas
  • Karthik Rajesh


  • Sarah Husain
  • Sean Jung
  • Flor Negron
  • Kevin Vazquez

Bass Clarinet

  • Colby Rowen

Alto Saxophone

  • Julianne Hua
  • Josiah Murray
  • Amaira Vasquez

Baritone Saxophone

  • Alondra Figueroa

French Horn

  • Mason Saylors


  • Allison Adamson
  • Ramaan Desai
  • Timmy O'Callaghan


  • Aden Fruehling
  • Isabella Launais


  • Peyton Bursin


  • Anthony Ching
  • Aditya Kancharla
  • Giovanni Long
  • Talia Marx
  • Tony Tan